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See the art of the impossible and enjoy a unique experience. 

Being part of what is happening on a stage at that precise moment is something that is not forgotten.



magia entre cajas

magia entre cajas

Some objects we keep for memory's sake. But, what if those objects were magical? What if they had been used in ancient magic shows?

The new show takes the audience on an emotional journey from the memory of the past to the illusion of the present.

A journey that switches between light-hearted moments with the audience, and situations in which the viewer will discover a fantasy world.

Red de Teatros Castilla y León

Cartel - Magia Entre cajas.jpg


Carefully selected music, combined with a script that allows for improvisation, envelop the audience into an environment where practically anything can happen.

Dynamic, engaging and surprising, the objective of this seventy-minute show is for the viewer to lose all notion of time, in a journey where they can be the star.

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