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fernandoGarcia was always attracted to the world of acting and the stage, but it was not until his teenage years that his passion started to take shape. 

He combined his university studies in Sociology with his interpretive training at the School of Dramatic Art of Salamanca (Spain), his hometown.

Years later, whilst in Madrid,  his passion reawakened and he discovered what is now his profession and passion, Magic.


This discovery led him to enter 'The school of the Houdini Hall', where he began to appreciate the subtleties of the art of illusion.

He is currently a member of the Círculo Madrileño de Prestidigitadores (Spain) and the Northamptonshire Magicians Club (England).



magia diferente

He was born on 1st September; had he been born just one day later he would have been called Antolín as it is the name of the Saint's day and also his father's name.


magia diferente

He began his theatrical training at The Salamanca School of Dramatic Art, Spain.

He combined this with his University studies in Sociology.


magia diferente

Early in his career he worked for the local television channel - Channel 4 Salamanca -he was already taking advantage of every opportunity to get in front of the cameras.


magia diferente

He was unexpectedly given a magic set, and from this his great passion in magic began.


magia diferente

He joined "The Houdini Hall of Magic" in Madrid.

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